Did you know that there are many psychologists and therapists that prescribe coloring as a main medication? I do not make this up. It's the reality. Nowadays, if you come to a therapist with a complaint of having anxiety or too much stress, he/she will likely suggest that you buy some adult coloring books. Such simple medication is well known to help patients with mind issues. It not only assists them to take their mind off their problem for a while but also it helps them reach their subconscious, allowing them to know themselves better. Patients who have tried coloring as a therapy mostly explain that they manage to become more calm and relaxed.

In that account, I created this website. I compiled various free coloring pages that adults can print easily, so that they can color them without any fuss. You can find many complex images that can draw you away from your pressing routines. They'll put you in a safe sanctuary where you can be yourself and express anything you have in mind through colors. Aside from adult coloring pages, you can also find thousands of free printable coloring pages for kids at EverFreeColoring.com. Much like adults, children may also benefit greatly from coloring. Not only can they learn about colors in a fun way, but they can also improve their hand and eye coordination, allowing them to improve their overall senses.

Feel free to browse through my site, EverFreeColoring.com. You can either download the images or print them right away. I do ask your support by sharing the images you like the most before you can do either of them. Your support is necessary for me to keep this site up. As for the images, I mostly found them from Google. You can read more about my disclaimer, terms of use, and privacy policy on the separate pages. If you still have a question regarding how I run this website, feel free to contact me. Cheers!