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Adult Easter Coloring Pages

Adult Easter Coloring Pages Easter Egg with Floral Pattern

Now, Easter is around the corner. Are you looking for fun family activities during Easter celebration besides hunting for the egg? As one of the most important, as well as the older holiday for Christians, it is common for big and extended family or friends to gather over the day. How about organizing a coloring event for participants for all ages? These adult Easter coloring pages are great to create something different and liven up the day for everyone, instead of holding the typical egg painting event. Coloring used to be an activity that mostly enjoyed by kids, but nowadays more and more coloring arts are made specifically for adults, with definitely more intriguing, complex, and creative designs, just like these fairy printables for grown ups. It’s a relaxing, stress-free, calming activity that won’t get your hand dirty, well maybe except for the stain from colored pencil or crayons. By using adult Easter coloring pages, you can unleash your inner Van Gogh and create a display worthy piece of colorful art.

This springtime celebration is synonymous with images of bunnies, eggs, chocolate, gifts, baskets, lilies, and etc. That’s why it is easy to find adult Easter coloring pages with those themes. Easter bunny, for example, is a very iconic theme to spot. Rabbits symbolize fertility and new life, as Easter is the day where Jesus returned back to life after the crucifixion event took place. Meanwhile, the eggs symbolize Jesus’ empty tomb, even if the egg was used only since 13th century. It is almost similar to the chick symbol, which represent Jesus’ resurrection. Other common theme for adult Easter coloring pages is lilies, the biblical flower that usually given during the day. The trumpet shaped flower contains the spiritual core meaning of Easter – it symbolizes hope, purity, virtue, life and innocence besides the Christ’ revival. There are still many other interesting coloring sheets designs you can find on the theme of Easter for adults.

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Adult Easter Coloring Pages

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