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Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages


Alice In Wonderland Coloring Pages Free Printable 0tm4

I think it is pretty safe to consider Alice In Wonderland as a classic story among people of all-ages. It is a reason why there are widely available Alice In Wonderland coloring pages in different design. The story originated from a literature work of Lewis Carroll. It is a story that combines innovative, ingenious and nonsense qualities. However, it still makes sense even though it is extremely bizarre and random at times. The weirdness is accompanied by rules and explanations which makes it adored even by adults. The magical creatures are also a factor that adds into its attractiveness. You must at least saw a picture of Cheshire cat once. The Alice In Wonderland coloring pages will be guaranteed to keep your kids entertained or bring yourself of nostalgic feelings and sentimental memories. You’d be able to be transported to your childhood where the world is full by imagination, dreams, and creativity.

As the characters in the story are almost similarly famous and iconic, you can find most of them available in Alice In Wonderland coloring pages. The familiar protagonists, Alice, is a young girl with blue and white colored dress, has blonde hair with cute tie on it. Her name is the same as Alice Angel, a well known character in Bendy and The Ink Machine. There is the jittery White Rabbit, with his plump and small appearance. He always had seen bringing a big clock while wearing his waistcoat and trouser. White Rabbit’s eye colors are crimson and pink although hidden behind his glasses. There is also Queen of Heart, which is the most dangerous of all the insane residents of Wonderland. She has massive physique that makes her looks powerful. Her hair and eye color are black, with contrasting fair skin. She also wears a small, gold crown and gold earrings. You could find many more other characters in Alice In Wonderland coloring pages such as Cheshire Cat, Jabberwocky, Mad Hatter, and so on.

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Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages

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