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Angry Bird Coloring Pages

Free Angry Bird Coloring Pages for Toddlers   vnSpN

I remember the first time I played Angry Bird. It was at school during the computer class. The teacher was so boring and uninteresting that my friends decided to install the unofficial version of Angry Bird on the computer. It was a blast. We secretly giggled while hiding our silly faces behind the bulky monitor. It was a fun arcade game. But Like many other arcade games, I found Angry Bird quickly become too repetitive and boring. That doesn't seem to be the case for most people, though. A lot of them are still liking the game initiated by Rovio. Heck, it becomes so much popular, it's even made into movies.

If you and your children are fans of Red and friends, then you're going to love these Angry Bird coloring pages. There are a lot of these coloring printables, enough to keep your kids seated for a while. You can have them all for free and print them as many as you like. You can see Red with the female version of him, touting a cute ribbon on her head. You can also see all the main characters, like Chuck the yellow lightning bird, Bomb the explosive black bird, and many more in one printable. Go check them out and see if you can color them like their real animated version.

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Angry Bird Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Angry Birds

  • The first game officially launched in December 2009 on Apple’s iOS platform. The game became so huge that it made its way over to other smartphone devices (Android, Windows Phone and Symbian). The game soon made its way on over to home video game consoles and PC’s.
  • The birds/piggies are all over shirts, boxers, sweatpants, hats etc. In 2012, a company called Olvi manufactured soft drinks based on the Angry Birds franchise. The flavors that ultimately came from this soft drink deal are: Tropic, Paradise, Lagoon, Space-Comet.
  • The pig was decided upon as the Bird’s enemy because there was a Swine Flu outbreak during the time the game was being developed!
  • The Angry Birds have popped up across the world as theme park attractions. Two separate attractions opened up in China (The Window of the World in Changsha) and Finland (The Särkänniemi Adventure Park).
  • The incredible success of Angry Birds didn’t come at as high a cost as you might think. Apparently it cost not much more than $100,000 to make the game. 4 people made it and they spent 8 months on it, because it wasn’t classed as a high priority project for the developer Rovio.

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