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Anime Girl Coloring Pages


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Anime fans gather up here! Now instead of only watch your favorite anime shows, you can let out your artistic creativity flows by using these anime girl coloring pages. Having originated in Japan, anime is a form of entertainment that not only popular in its native country. You must at least have heard of popular ones such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, or Yu-Gi-Oh. Anime is even considered as the heart of Japanese culture along with manga. The popularity of both has been consistently growing throughout generations across the world. Many fans claim that the intense and unpredictable storylines are what make anime so enjoyable. It is also supported by the fact that there are so many genres available within anime like romance, horror, fantasy, and many more. With the global hit it has obtained, it is certainly not hard to find various anime girl coloring pages with different characters and designs.

In these anime girl coloring pages, you can spot various girl characters with different drawing styles. However, they carry the similar features: flowy and big hair, large eyes, elongated limbs, and etc. Their body proportion is human-like with several features such as eyes size is exaggerated. In some characters, the eyes can use up nearly half of the face. This is mostly known as Chibi. The head to body ratio is larger, a characteristic that human find cute such as in a baby. The outfits are made to be distinctive. These unique characterizations of anime are what make them easily recognizable among other drawing styles. What makes these anime girl coloring pages interesting, is that you can let your creativity roams freely by coloring the hair in unusual shades such as pink or purple – there is no rules when it comes to art. These coloring sheets feature various anime characters from the cute, kawaii and sweet to the strong and cool girls.

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Anime Girl Coloring Pages

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