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Baby Coloring Pages

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Why babies are so adorable? Because they have such big eyes for their small head. Because their giggles sound like an angel's laughing. Because they smell good - unless they poop. And maybe because they're still innocent, pure, sinless. I know baby's nonstop crying may well frustrate the parents, especially the mother, but hey, it's just baby's way to tell that he/ she needs something. Speaking of crying, newborn babies can't be said to cry. They just howl and scream, not cry. The reason is all newborns are delivered to this world with their tear ducts still underdeveloped. The tears they have on their eyes are not enough to be shed; only enough to keep their eyes moisturized and healthy. And if you're worried because your baby doesn't crawl on all fours, rest assured. Your baby is just fine. Your baby's kneecaps need at least six months to be fully functional. Until then, your baby will only crawl on the arms.

Babies can be really loud sometimes, but they're still very much fascinating. If you're getting prepared to have your second baby and want to introduce him/ her to your first kid, these baby coloring pages might be a good idea. First kid usually feels jealous to his/ her baby brother, because the parent's attention is no longer his only privilege. This can be avoided if you tell him beforehand that his baby brother needs more attention than he. And you can do that in a fun way using these baby coloring pages. In the following printables, you can see a baby learning to walk, playing with his milk and meal, and just enjoying the day sitting on his stroller. There's also an image where a baby is being breastfed. A baby playing with bubbles and blowing the candle of a cupcake. They all look very cute. Have fun with these baby coloring pages.

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Baby Coloring Pages

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