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Ballerina Coloring Pages

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Is your daughter taking a ballerina class? Good for her! I'm not much of a fan of a soft art like ballerina dance but I do appreciate all those performers. I know that they're working really hard to be able to perform as a great ballerina. I even heard some women ballerinas deliberately starve themselves so that they can have a good loking slim body. That sounds like a bit too much, isn't it? But I think that they're just dedicated to ballet. And that toe stance, man, that's a real killer. If anyone says that ballerina is a wimp and ballet is a sorry excuse for a show, they should really try to do that toe stance. Even Dwayne Johnson can't do that, ha! Looking at you The Game Plan!

Anyway, if your little princess has just started into ballet, maybe she'll need a little bit of motivation. How about these beautiful ballerina coloring pages? All of them can be printed for free and in terms of the images, they vary as much as those ballerina's skill. You can find Barbie becoming a ballerina and dance like a swan. There's also the cute Strawberry Shortcake getting ready to perform her ballet dance. Some of the images feature a preschool little girl doing ballet. The rest of them looks more like an adult ballet dancer. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these ballerina coloring pages.

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Ballerina Coloring Pages

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