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Baseball Coloring Pages

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I just learned today that baseball is not an original sport in America. It was brought by a bunch of English men who moved in large number to the continent in 1700s. Back then, the sport was quite different from the baseball we know today. In 1877, the first rule book that defined how baseball should be played was published to help the people carried out the National League. Despite the book already being issued, baseball's rules still underwent some more changes through out the year. Also, the first professional baseball league was founded six years prior to that. There weren't many teams participating. However, in the beginning of 1900s, most big cities in the eastern part of United States already had a team representing them. And here's the superstition believed by the one and only legend in the history of American Baseball, Babe Ruth: he would wear a cabbage leaf under his cap while playing, which he would change after every two innings. That must be uncomfortable.

Anyway, if your kid is into the sport, you might as well grab some of these baseball coloring pages. They should give some boost to your kid's overall motivation to achieve more in the sport. Among these baseball coloring pages, you can find a number of logos of the professional teams that participate in the National League. These are like San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, Cincinnati Reds, and many more. In addition to the logos of the professional team, there are also some drawings of professional players in these baseball coloring pages collection. For younger kids, there are some baseball coloring pages that show a little boy getting all focused to make a home run. I'm sure your kid will enjoy these baseball coloring pages, provided that it's his hobby in the first place. Check them out yourself below!

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Baseball Coloring Pages

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