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Batman Coloring Pages

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DC Superhero Batman is getting another movie this year, but this time it's going to feature the Lego version of him. Yeas, if you're like me, getting a little disappointed by last year's Batman Vs. Superman, this might be the perfect remedy. The parody movie is going to make you laugh till your stomach hurts. I've watched the movie. It seems like Robin is going to show up too as an adopted son of Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman himself. By the way, who do you think is the most appropriate actor to take Bruce Wayne's role? Is it Christian Bale? Or Ben Affleck? To me, it's Christian Bale. I'm not saying that Ben Affleck is a bad actor. No, he's very good, in fact. But for some reason, I prefer Christian Bale as Batman. He has that dont-give-a-damn attitude but at the same time, he can show true affection for people he loves.

Anyway, if Batman is your favorite superhero, just like me, than you're going to love to see these many Batman coloring pages in this post. There are many versions of him in this post. From when the time he looks quite slender and agile to the rugged and bulky version of him, like when Ben Affleck becomes Batman. In these printable images of DC superhero Batman, you can see him in his funny Lego version. You can also see him in his cartoon version. Of course, you get to print the image of his ever cool Bat Mobile. Man, I'd give everything to have the real live version of Batman's Bat Mobile. All of these Batman coloring pages can be printed without you paying a penny but you must keep them for personal use only. Enjoy!

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Batman Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Batman

  • “Batman” was created not just by Bob Kane, but also a partner, Bill Finger, who was never credited for anything Batman related until recently. He is responsible for the original ideas of the Batman’s persona, costume, Gotham, characters, etc.
  • Batman is known as a hero who never kills, but there was a time that he had no problem brutally dispatching of those he came up against in battle. This was back in the '30s/'40s/'50s for the most part, and the Caped Crusader would frequently hurl gangsters off rooftops, or push them into vats of acid.
  • Bale didn’t exactly fall right into Dark Knight mode as soon as he tried on his first bat suit. He once said in an interview that he actually felt pretty dumb and decided right away that he’d have to adopt a certain mindset to play the role.
  • These days, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is widely hailed as one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. That's why fans were so excited when it was revealed that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would be based on it, but it may surprise you to learn that it was nowhere near as well received upon release.
  • A man named Chris Weir built his own epic Batman-themed mancave, completed with $150,000 and two-and-half years of hard work. He has 2K comic books, a full batsuit, and a secret entrance to the “cave.”
  • In one of the rare crossovers between Marvel and DC, Batman and Wolverine were merged into a character know as Logan Wayne, a.k.a. Dark Claw. No, really, it happened! Their origin stories were mashed together, so now it was Logan who witnessed his parents' murder as a child.
  • Bale’s first scene with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman involved him waking up in bed to find them waiting there. He applied method acting to this scene and actually fell asleep in bed and woke up to Michael Cain poking him in the ribs.
  • Scottish patriot King Bruce I of Scotland (who led the Wars of Scottish Independence) provided the Caped Crusader's first name, while brigadier general Anthony Wayne (a hero of the American Revolutionary War) is responsible for the surname.

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