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Ben 10 Coloring Pages

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It must be awesome to be Ben, eh? Instead of spending his summer holiday in his house doing some boring chores, he get to kick a lot of aliens' butts with his newfound alien power. The power comes from a mysterious bracelet called Omnitrix. It allows Ben to transform into ten different alien but only one at a time. Each alien has its own strength and weakness. I like it when Ben wants to be a certain alien but end up turning into a completely unexpected one. He has to squeeze his brain to fight the enemy using alein's power and ability that completely unmatched.

Ben 10 became quite popular in Cartoon Network. It lasts for a couple of seasons, which was more than expected. Ben 10 even made it to the big screen with an action live movie, though I must say that it was quite disappointing. Anyway, if you've been looking for some Ben 10 coloring pages, you can find the best of them below. You can see him in both his human form and his alien form. These Ben 10 coloring pages can be printed per your own liking and you don't have shell out a single penny for any of them. Yes, these printable Ben 10 coloring pages are completely free. So, what are you waiting for? Get these Ben 10 coloring pages and make your afternoon more fun with them!

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Ben 10 Coloring Pages

Awesome Facts about Ben 10

  • In the original plot for Ben 10, he was supposed to turn into 10 different superheroes instead of aliens. Originally, Ben was not going to transform into aliens but different versions of himself from alternate dimensions that evolved drastically different but it was simplified to aliens to not confuse viewers. Honestly I think I like the aliens idea more.
  • Ben's middle name 'Kirby' was from famous comic book writer, artist, and editor Jack Kirby. Kirby worked on many Marvel comics with Stan Lee such as the iconic Captain America #1 with the Star Spangled Man with a Plan sending a knuckle sandwich to Adolf Hitler himself.
  • In Ben 10 Alien Force, the first Alien introduced is Swampfire. When Ben first put on the Omnitrix after a long time, it did not activate immediately. However, after a great deal of struggling and while running away from DNAliens, the Omnitrix recalibrated to present him 10 new aliens. He transformed into Swampfire and defeated his foes with ease.
  • The time traveling British immortal and ally of Ben Tennyson known as Professor Paradox (played by David McCallum) was actually created as a tribute to the always amazing Doctor from BBC's Doctor Who, specifically the Tenth Doctor. Now imagine THAT crossover.
  • The first Alien Ben ever transformed was Heatblast. He is a Pyronite, hailing from the star Pyros (revealed in the episode "Big Fat Alien Wedding"). His natural predator is named Crabdozer. He can control fire, absorb heat, shoot fireballs, firestreams or a ring of fire. He can also fly or glide on a wave of fire. He debuted in the pilot episode "And Then There Were 10" and accidentally started a forest fire, though he later managed to extinguish it.


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