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Beyblade Coloring Pages

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You can admire the Japanese people for their creative way to promote a kids toy. Really, from outside appearance, Japanese modern toys are no different than those sold and manufactured stateside. But kids around the globe love Japanese toys more. Why? Because the Japs don't mind producing a whole series of anime to promote the toys. Take Beyblade for example. These spinning toys sure look fancy but other than that, it's exactly the same as our old spinning tops. However, people of Japan produced an anime series that spanned for a few seasons to promote it. The results is crazy. All kids want to have a beyblade and they're all eager to have a duel with this toy in a hope that a giant beast would appear out of it, just like in the anime.

Anyway, if you've been looking for some Beyblade coloring pages, you can find them on the following section. The images look crisp and beautiful. Any kids who collect or play Beyblade would love these printables. Not only the toys that shown in these coloring pages, but also the characters appearing in the anime. I used to watch it when I was in my early teenage years, but I can't remember what their names are right now. The only thing I can tell is in the first season, the hero's beyblade can turn into a blue dragon. And also the Chinese guy with white shirt, his beyblade can turn into a white tiger with gigantic fangs. That one was my favorite. Anyhow, have fun with these Beyblade coloring pages.

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Beyblade Coloring Pages

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