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Bird Coloring Pages

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Birds are truly fascinating animals, especially those living in the tropical areas such as parrots, cockatoo, peacock, and Bird of Paradise. If you think I make up the latter, then you're wrong. There's really a species of bird, so beautiful people call it Bird of Paradise. It only lives in the tropical forests of New Guinea and West Papua, Indonesia. Their beauty is simply out of this world. Still, as much as I admire them, I never want to keep one as a pet, just like what numerous people that I know do. Birds are created not as a pet. God gives them wings so they can be free, not so that they can live a convenient live inside a cage. That's just wrong in my opinion. Anyway, there are over 1000 species of birds in this world (the smallest one is hummingbird), but many of them are already extinct. The most famous of the extinct bird is probably the Dodo bird. Many think that this bird is a mythical creature.

Anyway, if you want to help your kid understand more about members of the Class Aves, maybe it's a good idea to start with these fun looking bird coloring pages. There are so many of them, most of which are properly easy for kids of young ages. The birds in a few coloring pages look more like a cartoon character but many of them resemble somewhat its true appearance in real life, such as owl, pelican, and macaw. Speaking of macaw birds, you can also find Blu, the blue macaw bird that can't fly in the first Rio movie. In addition, there are many variations of parakeet birds in these coloring pages. They're small in size but very very beautiful, thanks to their color. As an added bonus, I include a video from National Geographic, showing a terrestrial Australian bird that can mimics any sound, from the sound of other birds, to the weirder sounds like the sound of camera shutter and chainsaw. Make sure you watch it, it's amazing! Finally, I hope you enjoy these bird coloring pages too.

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Bird Coloring Pages

Amazing Lyrebird

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