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Birthday Cake Coloring Pages

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You know what's crazy? People destroying their birthday cake after lots of efforts put into it just for the sake of having a good time. Seriously, there are many ways you can have fun on your birthday party without crushing your birthday cake. You may not make it yourself and you can just pay someone to make it for you, but still that doesn't mean you can wring it to pulp. When my friends do this, I always prefer not to be part of his/her birthday party. Call me stiff and boring, I just don't like when people waste food, especially expensive and tasty food like birthday cake.

Anyway, I'm not going to nag in this entire post. Rather, now I want to share with you some birthday cake coloring pages that I've found on the internet. You see, I didn't create them on my own. So please if you're going to use any of these printables, make sure you use it for personal or educational purpose only. As far as the cake model goes, there are many kinds of it. Some birthday cake appears to be very simple and only has one candle. Some others look way more fancy you might confuse them with wedding cake. Anyway, hope you like it!

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Birthday Cake Coloring Pages


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