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Blank Coloring Pages

Blank Coloring Pages Free to Print   NU02M

What is a better way to teach our children arts and colors other than getting involved with both of them right away? Yes, coloring has so many benefits for children. One of them is to boost their confidence and imagination. It doesn't require any specific skill or experience to do it and best of all, it can be done with completely no cost. By that I mean, you don't have to buy any coloring books. You can just grab some blank coloring pages from the internet, like the one you see in this post, and print them on your own. You can get down on the floor along with your children and color this cuteness together.

For kindergarten students and preschoolers, it is better to keep them from drawing the objects on their own. You'd better limit the use of pencil and eraser. Instead, encourage the use of paint and crayons. The reason is kids at this age hardly can draw any real object or portrait properly. Some may appear too small and will be too difficult to color, which may lead to frustration. As for banning the eraser, it's just to help children have more confidence of what they do. You don't want your kids to feel so unsure when doing arts that they end up creating nothing, right? So, these blank coloring pages are perfect for young beginners.

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Blank Coloring Pages

Tips to Teach Young Children Art

  • If you're using paint, ask them to mix it right on to the paper, instead of color palette. The reason is more or less similar with banning pencils and eraser. It's just so that kids can be confident of what they're doing and not afraid of making mistakes.
  • Save the art smocks and aprons. Without these two, your kids may end up getting paint all over their clothes but it's way more efficient and less time consuming. Besides, you can get rid of those color stains easily using Oxiclean.
  • Once your kids are into the project, do not disturb them. This means you must not try to talk to them, giving them particular instructions or so. Likewise, ask them not to discuss their work with their friends before you allow them. Let them focus on what they're doing.
  • For more tips about teaching art to children, check out this blog post.

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