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Bratz Coloring Pages

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Bratz dolls may not be as popular as Barbie, but to say that they have lost most of their fans are completely untrue. Although currently the production of Bratz dolls is halted, there are still quite a high demand for these sassy looking dolls. MGA Entertainment, the sole right holder for Bratz dolls, has officially stated that a relaunch is expected to take place in Fall next year. The company representative said that the new Bratz dolls will be designed based on the fans feedback, which largely prefers Bratz’s style before the relaunch in 2015. This should be good news for all Bratz’s fans out there. How did I know all this? Well, I read its Wikipedia page and from that very page, I also know that not all parents get along with Bratz dolls. Some believe their design is too sassy and too “mature” for young girls. Well, on a glance, I kind of agree with that. Some of the dolls sure look like an adult woman, instead of teenage girl. What about you? Do you approve of it?

Whatever opinion you have about Bratz dolls, I hope you’re not discouraging your daughter from coloring these lovely Bratz coloring pages. There are exactly 40 of them and each printable shows different character with different style outfit. You can find all five girls of Bratz in the following coloring pages, namely Yasmin, Chloe, Jade, Sasha, and Raya. The latter was only introduced in 2015 and doesn't seem to be popular among fans. Maybe with the next redesign, Raya can finally look as attractive as other Bratz's girls. I don't know much about any of these Bratz members, but from the printables below, I can tell that Chloe is at least more boyish than others. She likes sport and is shown to be in outfit suited for soccer game. Check out these Bratz coloring pages yourself, and see if you find any that appeals to you.

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Bratz Coloring Pages

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