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Butterfly Coloring Pages

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Butterflies are things of wonder for kids. They’re not a bird, but they can fly freely in the air, perching from one flower to another to get some food. They have as many colors as the flowers and most intriguingly, they’re not always butterflies. They start as a little wingless caterpillar and turn into a cocoon before they can live as a butterfly. I remember having a lot of time chasing butterflies with my friends when I was a kid. Once we got some, we released them all over again, watching them flapping their wings like a magical fairy. It sure was fun. Anyway, depending on the species, some butterfly eggs could take up to a few months to hatch, although the average time is only 8 days. Also, not all of the eggs laid by female butterflies will hatch and turn into caterpillars. Only 1 of a hundred that can actually see the bright of day.

Now, if you’re looking to get some fun looking butterfly coloring pages to help you teach your children about this amazing animal, you can find them in this post. Right below this text, you can see a number of thumb images of butterfly printables. Click the one you like, and you'll be able to review it and print it later. They're all free, but only meant for educational purpose only. Among these butterfly coloring pages, you can find a simple drawing of a butterfly. They can be easily imitated, which is great to show your kids that drawing is not always difficult. Also, there are some butterfly cartoons too, with all their cheerful smiles that will certainly attract your kids' attention. Last but not least, you can also get butterfly life cycle coloring pages. It shows the process of butterfly's growth throughout its life.

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Butterfly Coloring Pages

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