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Caillou Coloring Pages

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Seeing that you've made it to this post, then I could assume that your kid likes to watch Caillou. Apart from his innocent and honest looks, this kid has got a lot of hate from parents. For some reason, numerous moms with young kid dislikes Caillou. Heck, I even run across a father's blog of someone expressing his hate and why all fathers should hate Caillou too. Well, my kid doesn't watch Caillou so I don't really understand what's going on actually with this presumably French kid. Many say that Caillou is not a good role model for kids since he always nags and goes into tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants. Do you agree?

Anyway, I'm not gonna join those parents who hate Caillou. I just want to share with you these Caillou coloring pages. As you can see from the following printables, this kid Caillou actually looks nice. He just does what other kids do. He plays, he helps do some easy chores, he takes care of his little sister, he enjoys the trust his parents give hime. Honestly, I can't see what to hate from this little guy. Apparently, he has a pet cat and although I can argue that the cat is far from cute, at least Caillou likes it. He feeds his cat on his own, that's quite responsible for kid his age. Anyway, I hope your kid enjoy this Caillou coloring pages.

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Caillou Coloring Pages

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