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Candy Cane Coloring Pages

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When you heard "candy cane", what do you remember the most? For me, candy cane reminds me of a scene in Tarantino's latest movie, The Hateful Eight. The scene where Channing Tatum and his gang arrived at a cozy bar. One of them bought a couple of candy canes and after he got what he paid for nicely, he shot the woman who sold them for him. That's real cold blood. Now I know it's not a fun way to open a post about fun coloring pages like Candy Cane but bear with me. At the end of this post, you can learn about some interesting fcts that you may not know about candy cane. One of them is like people actually believe that candy cane represents Jesus. How come, you ask? Well, if you turn a candy cane upside down, you'll get a letter "J", hence Jesus.

Anyway, if you come here to get some nice candy cane coloring pages for your preschool children, you can them below. All of these free printable candy cane coloring pages are meant for educational and personal use only. Simply click on a thumb image that you like and you'll be able to view it in full resolution and print it. Couldn't be any easier than that. The candy cane in the following coloring printables can be seen with either a teddy bear or winter themed decorations, like ribbon, gingerbread, and Santa hat. Pick out the candy cane coloring page that your kids will like and print it, so they can color it.

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Candy Cane Coloring Pages

Candy Cane Fun Facts

  • The first candy cane was made over 350 years ago. The first historical reference in America to the candy cane dates back to 1847. A German immigrant from Wooster, Ohio decorated his Christmas tree with candy canes. National candy cane day is celebrates on December 26 in the United States.
  • The classic peppermint flavor of the candy cane has been around for 600 years, but the original candy canes were just straight sticks, like a real walking cane. In 1640, a German choirmaster decided to change things up by curving the shape to look more like a shepherd’s staff, resulting in the candy cane shape we all know and love today.
  • The choirmaster asked a local candy-maker for some sweet sticks so that he could justify giving candy to children during worship. He had the candy maker add a curve to the top of each stick, which would help children remember the shepherds who paid visit to infant Jesus.
  • Candy canes are sometimes as a topping for foods such as ice cream or as an additive to drinks such as hot chocolate. They are hung as decorations on Christmas Trees. Nearly 2 billion candy canes will be sold in the four weeks before Christmas and Hanukkah.
  • Geneva pastry chef Alain Roby broke his third Guinness World Record by creating the world’s longest candy cane in 2012, measuring at 51 feet long. The previous record was 38 feet. Roby also holds world records for the tallest cooked sugar building and tallest chocolate sculpture.

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