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Car Coloring Pages

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While Barbie is the most popular toy for girls, car toys still hold the heart of many boys in this world. Small or big, young or old, I'm sure every boy love a toy car. Even those alien robots must disguise themselves as a bunch of expensive and fancy cars, so that humans will love them (Looking at you transformers!). And there's a reason why there are so many game titles that feature car racing as its game play. That's right! Because boys love cars. The most popular car toys today is probably Hot Wheels. Not only kids but many grown ups I know collect these little toy cars. Heck, they don't mind shelling out a couple of grands to buy just one Hot Wheels car.

Anyway, if you've been looking for some car coloring pages, I've got a few below. I know there are not so many of them but I will certainly add some more in this website, so stay tune. In this pack of car coloring pages, you can find one of Disney's most iconic animation character. Yep, he's the one and only Lightning McQueen. I'm looking forward to watching his new movie this year. Anyway, there are some more car printables. They include a nice looking police car, a lamborghini and some other sport and classic cars. Enjoy!

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Car Coloring Pages

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