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Care Bear Coloring Pages

Easy Printable Care Bear Coloring Pages for Children   la4xx

Bears are not necessarily a cute animal. Heck, they can be deadly if you mess with them. I still remember watching the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio got himself torn, splintered, and almost split open by a mother bear in the movie, The Revenant. That fact doesn't stop some artists to make them look cute and adorable, though. Elena Kucharik is the original creator of the Care Bears artwork. She draws these bears without huge claws and teeth like any normal bears have. Instead, she pictures them as a fluffy chubby animals that like to be hugged.

Anyway, her work was meant to be a decoration for greetings card but since the reception was pretty well, some company decided to make them into toys and movie characters. Now Care Bears may not be as popular as they were in the past, but they still make good printables for young children. The following Care Bears coloring pages sure look pretty tempting to be colored. Like in one of these printables, they are all shown together playing on the fluffy clouds with rainbow as the backgorund. I'm sure any kids would love to color them. Go check them out. Click the thumbnails so you can see the images in full resolution.

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Care Bear Coloring Pages

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