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Castle Coloring Pages

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Long time ago, back in the Medieval period, castles were not only used as a hold and fortress but also a private living space for an important person, namely kings - with the princes and princesses - and lords. Of course, not all lords could afford having a castle of their own. Many castles found in Europe and the vast land of Middle East were built during a specific time called Middle Ages. It started from 5th century to 15th century. Some of the discovered castles were believed to be a set of simple enclosures, while some others were built as great palaces using solid stones. From the safety of his castle, a lord may have controlled his land. The castle also acted as a safe house for his family and wealth, protecting them from his rivals while he was fighting a war for his king. Right under the towers of the castles were usually stairs leading to dungeon to imprison any criminal caught under his authority.

As fascinating as they were, many castles are no more than ruined rubble today. There used to be hundreds of castles in Britain alone, but now only few survive. If you want to teach your kid about castles, why don't you start using the facts I explained above and of course, the castle coloring pages below. There are nearly forty of them and you can print any one you find most suitable for your kid. Some of these castle printables are more detailed and intricate than the other and thus, younger children may have difficulties coloring them. In fact, there are some castle coloring pages that are best given to adults because of their highly detailed and realistic drawing. Some castles look more rugged than others because their towers are missing the typical cone roof. There are only battlements on top of them. Here, have a look yourself. I hope you can make a good use of these castle coloring pages.

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Castle Coloring Pages

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