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Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages

Many people confuse Cinco de Mayo with the Independence Day of Mexico. That's not completely right. Cinco de Mayo is held to commemorate the the victory of the Mexicans in the Battle of the Puebla, which was 50 years after Mexico's Independence Day. In the battle that ended on May 5, 1562, the Mexicans were finally able to make the French men admit their defeat, although their numbers were considerable smaller than the French. Nobody had ever thought that time that such a small army would win against huge forces of Napoleon III. I guess those who don't get paid and those who only fight for their rights and freedom, indeed, fight harder than those who fight for money. Now, you may wonder why such a Mexican holiday is celebrated in the US. Well, you probably don't remember that a large number of USA citizens have Mexican origins, especially those who live in south western regions such as Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Anyway, if you've been looking for some Cinco de Mayo coloring pages, you're on the right place. In this post, you can find many Cinco de Mayo coloring pages. You can see a Mariachi band playing Mexican folk music happily during the celebration. You can also see the iconic cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, dress like a traditional Mexican and play a guitar for a tribute to the Mexicans. Also, there are many fun looking images like jalapeno, cactus, and even a Panda, all dressing like traditional Mexicans. They're all dancing and having fun in the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. All of these Cinco de Mayo printables are perfect for kids of young ages. They look funny and are not very difficult to color. If you want to print these images, simple click on one of the thumbnails below. Enjoy!

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Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages

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