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Princess Cinderella Coloring Pages

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Did you know that Cinderella is the oldest Disney Princess? Yep, according to official Disney page, Cinderella was 19 years old when she premiered in her movie in 1950. That was the movie that people think saved Disney from bankruptcy. Actually, if Elsa is considered a princess, not a queen, and if she's listed with other official Disney princesses, it's Elsa who is the oldest. She is 21 or 22 if I'm not mistaken, while her sister, Princess Anna is 17 or 18. Anyway, Cinderella is not only the official oldest princess, she's also the first one. Cinderella is the one to start Disney Princess franchise, which makes her most special in the heart of many fans. Being also the first non-royal princess, Cinderella becomes an inspiration for the following princesses, namely Belle and Mulan. All three of them are born as a commoner and become a princess by marrying a royal prince. Well, Mulan's boyfriend is not a prince actually, he's an army commander. Last but not least, just like The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella's story is also originated from France.

Now, after we learn something about our most beloved Disney princess, let's get to the Cinderella coloring pages. There are a bunch of them and you may find some printables better than the other, so choose carefully before you print them. In these coloring pages, you can see Cinderella either alone or with her prince. In one of the printable, Cinderella is also seen with her sidekicks, two mice named Jaq and Gus. Most of these Cinderella coloring pages show the princess in her royal ball gown, which is given by her fairy godmother. However, in some of the printables, you can see Cinderella in her casual commoner's dress too. You can even see her carrying three plates of different dishes for her two step sisters and step mother. She carries two of the plates on her hand while the other one on her head, which is very skillful of her. Either way, these Cinderella coloring pages are fun to color.

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Princess Cinderella Coloring Pages


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