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Coco Coloring Pages

Disney Coco Coloring Pages Printable gh14

Since he had made a widescreen appearance on late 2017, Coco has been one of the most favorite Pixar characters among kids, teenagers, and even adults. That’s why a lot of people are searching for Coco coloring pages. Coco is a movie that takes a theme that feels unlikely to pull on kids – the main target audience of family movies: it features death, abandonment, and grudges as theme. The main protagonist of the movie is a Mexican, twelve-year old boy named Miguel, who’s dream is to become a great musician. However, in the Miguel household, music is forever banned and he has to carry on the family business of shoe-making. That’s why you will find a lot of Coco coloring pages that show Miguel playing his beloved guitar. The plot picks up from there with problem ensues. All in all, Coco is a heartwarming movie that portrays family-love perfectly, to show that family belongs together through thick and thins.

These Coco coloring pages feature different character of the movie, just like what you'll find in these Inside Out Coloring Pages. There’s the main character Miguel, a young aspiring musician that often seen with his guitar. Miguel has black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. He wears red jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. There’s Hector, second protagonist of the movie, the skeleton-person who helps Miguel to cross the Land of Death and Land of Living. His bones are yellow and rusty, and there are several markings in his skull that colored green, gold, and purple. If you like the characters seen in the Land of the death in this movie, you'll also like these Day of the Dead Coloring Pages. Hector wears straw heat, torn up jacket, and pinstriped pants. Another popular character on Coco coloring pages is Miguel’s dog pet named Dante, the skinny dog with long legs and almost hairless body. You can also easily find other characters such as Ernesto De La Cruz the famous musician, Mama Imelda, Abuelita, Mama Coco, and the rest of Miguel’s family.

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Coco Coloring Pages

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