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Cupcake Coloring Pages

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Everyone loves cupcakes, especially American. The demand for this bite-sized sweetness is so high, that a bakery in Beverly Hills (called Sprinkles Bakery) decided to build some sort of ATM that dishes out cupcakes all freshly baked. The best thing about this machine is it’s active for 24 hours and can hold up to 600 cupcakes at a time. So, suppose you’re craving for a bite of cupcake at say 1 a.m., you can simply throw in a few pennies and have your fresh cupcake dispensed out. Handy! Anyway, though most cupcakes are sweet, some are made with unusual flavor. Believe it or not, if you are willing to dig a little, you can find cupcakes with jalapeno cream topping, which will burn the mouth of anyone daring to eat it. Now that’s a great prank idea!

Now if it's cupcake coloring pages that you want, the following gallery will get you covered. There are more than 20 cupcake coloring pages in the gallery below. All are unique and eye-catching. Some cupcakes have a cute topping of popular cartoon characters like Minnie mouse, Monster High Skullete, Hello Kittty, and Doc McStuffin. There is even one with cute little strawberry fairy sitting above the puffy cream. Some cupcakes have a candle lit on it, perfect for last minute birthday gift. Other cupcakes have a cherry on top of it, and some others are sprinkled with heart-shaped icy sugar. They all look so cute and all can be printed for free. If you want to make a fun activity for your kids, these cupcake coloring pages might be helpful. Check them out and have fun!

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Cupcake Coloring Pages

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