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Day of the Dead Coloring Pages

Just because you’re not a Latino doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate Day of the Dead. There’s a lively festival to enjoy and take part in and also a good deal of tasty foods and beverages to feast on. Although, the holiday is originally observed to honor and commemorate the loved one who has passed away, nothing about it is ghoulish. True, the people wear zombie make up and mask, but they’re all there in the street to have fun. Latinos believe that during the celebration of Day of the Dead (also called Dia de Los Muertos, from the night of October 31 to November 2), the souls of the departed come back to their families and it’s only proper for the family to welcome them with a feast and festivity. On the celebration of the Day of the Dead, you’ll likely see various depictions of a skeleton dressed in female noble dress. Just so you know, she’s called la Calavera Catrina, the same lady skeleton used as a symbol during Mexican Revolution.

Anyway, should you come here to look for Day of the Dead coloring pages, you can find them after the following passage. There are many of them, so you have limitless options as to which you want to print and color. Some of the coloring pages show men and women putting on zombie makeup, with unbelievable lovely details on it - pretty much like the characters from Monster High. This will tickle your imagination to the top and you'll relax drowning yourselves in bright colors. Obviously, you can also find sugar skull here with its colorful decorations. Some of the coloring pages are also of low difficulty, so your kids can have too if they want. To print the following Day of the Dead coloring pages, simply click on the thumb images below. They're all free but limited for personal use only. Enjoy!

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Day of the Dead Coloring Pages

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