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DBZ Coloring Pages

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Dragon Ball Z series may be completed years ago but it seems too difficult for fans to forget how epic Goku's adventure is. Original creator of the manga and anime, Akira Toriyama, recently took on another project to satisfy the fans that never stop growing in numbers, even in United States. The project was called Dragon Ball Super. Many are quite disappointed with the new series because the bad guys are less epic than those presented in Z series. However, even many more people are hyped by Goku's transformation to be Super Saiyan God with glowing blue hair instead of blonde.

Anyway, I myself favors Dragon Ball Z over the fresher Dragon Ball Super. Watching little Gohan overcome by rage and unleash its true power to destroy an enemy that even Goku can't win. Yep, that's one of the most epic scene in DBZ, Gohan Vs. Cell. Anyway, for those of you looking to get some DBZ coloring pages, you can find a lot of them below. There are many characters pictured in the following printables, including Goku, Vegeta, little Gohan, Trunks, and the weirdo Saiyan fusion Gotenks. Most of them are in Super Saiyan mode but there is one printable that shows young Trunks in his original form with short blue hair. Enjoy!

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DBZ Coloring Pages

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