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Dirt Bike Coloring Pages

Simple Dirt Bike Coloring Pages to Print for Preschoolers   cdsxi

Motorcycles may look like a dangerous hobby for children but that doesn't stop some parents to allow their kids to ride these two-wheels monster. Dirt bike and motocross are quite the rage among elementary school kids today. Although most of them still prefer basketball or baseball for a hobby, some kids chose to jump over muddy tracks with small dirt bikes. Maybe the parents want to teach them about bravery, or risk taking, or whatever it is. I don't know. I myself wouldn't allow my kid to ride any motorcycle until I'm sure they can control their emotion. My dad didn't allow me to ride one until I'm on my third semester in college.

Still, I know that once you pick a hobby, you can't back off. It's the only way you can stay sane and happy. As risky as it is, dirt bike and motocross might give these kids some fun and thrills. If your kid is one of these brave dirt trackers, then the following dirt bike coloring pages might be an exciting activity for them. There are many types of dirt bikes in these printables. All is pictured without colors. Ask your boy to color them. Who knows, maybe behind that brave soul hides an artistic individual. Check them out below!

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Dirt Bike Coloring Pages

Fast Facts about Dirt Bikes for Kids

  • There are two types of engines; it could be a 2-stroke engine or a 4-stroke engine. The two stroke engine makes use of gas that is mixed with oil while the 4-stroke engine can use separate oils and gas and the oil can be reused.
  • Generally they are not allowed on the highways in some countries including the United States and since they are not allowed on the high ways, there is no need for the bikes to be licensed.
  • Dirt bikes are built to suit kids so this makes them smaller, the size helps kids to maneuver the bike easily. They should be able to hold the bike and control it, heavier ones will be difficult to control.
  • The engines of the dirt bikes are smaller when it is for kids, there are several engine grades ranging from 50cc which is the least engine capacity, there are other engine capacities like 70cc, 85cc and 125cc.
  • The suspensions of kids dirt bikes are limited when compared to the ones for adult, some models are built without any and it however reflects in the price of such models.
  • Some bikes have several added features like automatic cooled transmission. When there are more features and accessories the price also gets higher.

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