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Dragon Coloring Pages for Adults

Dragon Coloring Pages for Adults Printable - wy6cn

I'm currently on my way to finishing reading Robert Jordan's masterpiece, Wheel of Time book series. Well, it's still a long way to that because I'm still in the fourth book and there are 14 freaking books; all have no less than 500 pages. What does Robert Jordan's books have anything to do with dragon? Nothing actually, but if you read it too, you'll know that the main character is named the Dragon Reborn. He's destined to lead a huge army against the force of the dark and he'll lead them under the banner of a dragon, a mythical animal that looks like a giant snake with lion's mane and scales that sparkle reflecting the sunlight. That's not really how Robert Jordan describes the dragon on the banner but I believe it's close to that. Anyway, in European culture, dragon looks more like a giant lizard, instead of snake. Just like what's shown in Eragon and How to Train Your Dragon. That dragon looks like a giant snake is from Chinese mythology.

Now for the fun part, below you can find extremely intricate dragon coloring pages for adults. I've sort them out so that the gallery below only includes the most challenging coloring page for adults. There are 20 of them, and you can print them all for free, but you must use them for personal purpose only. The dragon drawings on the coloring pages below vary, but most of them are inspired by Chinese dragon wherein the creature looks like a colossal snake. Some look very similar to Shenlong from Dragon Ball Z, a green snake-like dragon with red eyes that can grant any wishes. One printable shows a dragon drawn in circle to represent the symbol of Yin and Yang. Of course, it looks very elaborate too. Check them all out below in these dragon coloring pages for adults.

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Dragon Coloring Pages for Adults

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