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Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages

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More Japanese anime and manga are welcome in the states. They probably have to thank Dragon Ball Z for that. Dragon Ball Z is the first Japanese anime to open the eyes of so many young westerners that East Asian animation series could be quite as epic as Marvel's or DC's. It's arguably the most popular anime in the US. You can ask any guy that enjoy comic books, and chance is he's watched Dragon Ball Z at least once. It's story is, to be honest, not very special. Heck, I'd say it's lack of depth. It's always about some super strong villain trying to destroy the world, and someone else trying to stop him.However, I think it's that simplicity who brings Dragon Ball Z to the level of its current popularity. The heroes, Son Goku - Vegeta - Gohan - Picolo - etc, would never give up even though they're clearly over-matched by the villain.

There's much screaming too in Dragon Ball Z, so much the actor who voices Goku often ended up with a sore throat. Some people then started to call it the diarrhea anime, ha! Anyway, if you enjoy the adventure of Goku and friends in kicking the butt of many bad guys, then you should get these awesome Dragon Ball Z coloring pages. You can sort them out, choose the ones you like the most, and print them. The Saiyans have an epic yellow aura when they're powering up. Even their hair, which is mostly black except for Trunks, even turn to blonde when they're angry. You can find not only its main characters like what I've mentioned before but also the villains like Freza, Broly - the legendary Saiyan, and Cell. The latter is a villain, so strong even Goku has to blow himself up to kill him. Eve that doesn't work against him because Cell still survives and recovers after the explosion. Either way, hope you enjoy these Dragon Ball Z coloring pages.

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Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages

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