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Duck Coloring Pages

D Is for Duck Coloring Page to Print for Preschoolers

Downloading duck coloring pages is probably something that you want to do when you love the cute animal. Duck is a common animal you will find everywhere. They can be found on the park, on a farm or even in a common household. I love ducks as they are so cute and fluffy, especially when they are younger. Younger ducks, or ducklings, are so soft. Their furs are yellowish and basically they look like a cute, squishy ball. As they get older, ducks start getting their furs darkened. Their beaks get longer now. Ducks are kept mostly as they can lay eggs and their meat is delicious. This bird can swim and they can run, too. That is why a lot of people tend to keep ducks at home as pet. It is not a strange thing to do, though. Children usually love ducklings and surely they would love to have duck coloring pages.

On this coloring page, you can see a picture of a very whimsical duck with a smiling beak and wide, googly eye. The duck is pictured swimming in a pond or lake as you can tell there are water ripples around the duck’s body. The duck coloring pages are surely perfect for kids as the duck does not have any details on the body, allowing the kids to easily fill the picture with color. You can find the same simple animal pictures in these Turkey Coloring Pages. The picture also has blank background so that the kids can basically add anything the like on the background, including trees, house, bushes and many more. It can help them improve their imaginations. For you who are looking for the perfect activity for kids to do in their leisure time, coloring is the perfect thing to do. Just download the duck coloring pages for free and print them. Then, let the kids enjoy the coloring time.

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Duck Coloring Pages

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