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Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

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Children are always curious. So curious that we often find ourselves speechless, running out of answers to satisfy their questions. Well, don’t let them put you in a tight corner. There’s always an answer for a kid’s curious imaginative question if you’re willing to dig a little. About the Easter Bunny, for example. You can always tell your kids that he lives in an underground burrow whose exact location is unknown to any man. In his burrow, Easter Bunny’s got many helpers to fill those baskets with delicious Easter Eggs. His name is a top secret, but most people know its initial that is E.B. To prevent discovery when he goes out of his underground burrow, Easter Bunny always disguises himself as an ordinary bunny that likes to hopping around in the field. To help him deliver Easter Eggs to many houses in the night before Easter, he uses magic to make himself big, so he can reach lots of houses more quickly.

See, it’s not very hard when you use imagination and think like your kids do. Now, if you’re looking for some Easter Bunny coloring pages, you can find them in the later section of this post. There are about 30 of them and all of the bunnies are shown with Easter Eggs. You can ask your children to color the eggs to make them appear bright and colorful like a rainbow. Of course, don’t leave the Easter Bunny. He must be colored too. These Easter Bunny coloring pages can be an alternative activity to the usual egg hunt, so your kids won't be bored with the same old activity every year. Just click the thumbnails below and you'll be able to view the printable in full. From there, you can print it if you like or find other coloring pages that you find good enough to excite your children. Have fun!

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Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

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