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Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

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Looking for some fall leaves coloring pages? Well, this is the right place you want to be in. Today is November 13th and I know that fall will soon go away and winter will replace it. Still, there's no reason to not be enjoying coloring these leaves coloring pages with your kids. There aren't too many of them, but I'm sure they're enough to make your afternoon warm, getting involved in an art activity with your children. You can print these fall leaves coloring pages for free. Color them in any way you want. Mix that shades of brown with yellow and orange to make a beautiful and realistic leaf image during autumn. You can show your kids how to blend colors to make a pretty gradient effect. It's an easy way to amaze your kids and they'll love you more because they think you're a great artist.

Along with these fall leaves coloring pages, I also have some interesting facts about them. The first one is that leaves don't really change to new colors in autumn. Rather, they're returning to their original color. The fact that they look green throughout spring and summer is only caused by the high amount of chlorophyll, a special natural chemical needed by the plants to make food for themselves. In fall, the production of chlorophyll decreases because daylight time gets shorter. This causes the leaves to be less and less green by day and look more yellowish and eventually dark brown. Now, you might see some leaves that have a hue of red and purple. Such colors are caused by the presence of sugars from sap that is trapped inside of the leaves. How about that? With those facts and these fall leaves coloring pages, you can convince your kids that you're not only an artist but also a biology professor. Lol! Either way, have fun with the following fall leaves coloring pages.

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Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

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