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Farm Coloring Pages

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What is the most common animal found in many farms across the globe? Is it sheep, cow, or horse? Well, the fact of the matter is none of them is actually the most bred farm animal. It's pig. Why? Because the demand for pork meat is high. Just so you know, pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world. You will hardly find any farm that doesn't have any pig around, except those in Islam countries. As you probably know, Islam prohibits its followers to eat both dog and pig meat. That's just one of many interesting random facts about farms. You can find more of them below, right after the following farm coloring pages.

As you can see below, there are a number of farm coloring pages. You can see various farm animals, including pigs, horses, sheep, roosters, etc. doing their stuff in these farm printables for kids. You can also see farmers riding their tractor to till the ground, making it ready for the seed they're about to sow. There's also a smiling scarecrow. All of these farm coloring pages shoul look exciting enough for any preschoolers. You can get any of these printable with the cost of nothing. Simply click on the thumb of the farm coloring pages that you like and you'll be able to view it in full resolution. From there, you decide whether to print the printable or look for another one that's more appealing. Anyhow, I hope these farm coloring pages can be of good use for your kids or students.

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Farm Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Farms

  • Farming began around 10,000 B.C. during the First Agricultural Revolution, when nomadic tribes began to farm. Additionally, this is when the eight so-called “founder crops” of agriculture appeared: 1) emmer wheat, 2) einkorn wheat, 3) hulled barley, 4) peas, 5) lentils, 6) bitter vetch, 7) chick peas, and 8) flax.
  • Did you know mature turkeys have more than 3,500 feathers? How about that cows have four stomachs and can detect smells up to six miles away? Agriculture is one of the United States’ most important industries, employing more than 24 million workers or 17 percent of the country’s total work force.
  • Most kids know that pigs like to roll around in mud, but they may not know pigs do this to cool off because they don't sweat. Despite being stereotyped as dirty, pigs are actually rather clean. Given enough space, pigs will relieve themselves as far from their sleeping area as possible.
  • Operating a farm is expensive. Farmers must budget for the cost of land and machinery as well as livestock, feed, seed, and fuel for machinery.
  • Bananas are the number one fruit crop in the world. They are the 4th largest overall crop, after wheat, rice, and corn. They grow in more than 100 countries on farms. India grows more bananas than any other country. The Philippines, China, and Ecuador are the next three top producers of bananas.
  • Cows are herbivores, so they only have teeth on the bottom. Cows must give birth to a calf in order to produce milk. The average dairy cow produces seven gallons of milk a day, 2,100 pounds of milk a month, and 46,000 glasses of milk a year.
  • Although one sheep may look like any other to a person, members of the same flock have been known to recognize one another even after years of separation. A flock is a social group and a defense mechanism, facing threats together. When a sheep's fleece is shaved, it must be done in one piece, with the person doing it also holding the sheep still.
  • Some small farms can be successful because of new markets for specialized farm products such as sod, ornamental plants, Christmas trees, flowers, bulbs, shrubbery, and fruits and vegetables grown in greenhouses.

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