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Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Happy Father's Day Coloring Pages - mlp23

One country may celebrate Father's Day on a different day from another country. Some may share the same date, but the point is not everybody gives special gifts to their dad on the third Sunday of June. Take the Thai people for example. In Thailand, the King's birthday is observed as a National Father's Day. So, if a new king is raised to throne, they will have a new date for the Father's Day. Instead of hugging their dad and sending them a card, the Thai hold out a grander celebration on Father's Day, with fireworks and charities and everybody wearing yellow, much like their Independence Day. In US, George Washington who is considered by many as Father of the Country had no biological children. His two children were adopted from his wife's first marriage. What does it have anything to do with Father's Day? Nothing. I just want to show you that you don't need to have a kid of your own to be loved as a father.

Anyway, Father's Day is not complete without a greeting card. And while you can buy one, you can teach your kid to better appreciate his/ her father by making their own card. Using the following Father's Day coloring pages, you can easily help your kid to make a creative, heartwarming, greeting card for their father. There are many that you can choose. From a symbolic drawing of a trophy and ribbon written "world's best/ number #1 dad" to a playful images of kids and their father. My favorite one is one printable on which the father wears a costume of Darth Vader and his son and daughter dress as young Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. You do know that Darth Vader has kids, don't you? Man, I love Star Wars. Anyhow, I hope you can put these Father's Day coloring pages to good use.

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Father's Day Coloring Pages

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