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Fire Truck Coloring Pages

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Fire trucks may look all the same for those who don't know, but the fact of the matter is, there are a whole lot of them. Each is designed and used for specific purpose. Don't believe me. Try to Google it on your own. Type: "How many types of fire truck are there?" and Google will give you some nice long list of different fire trucks. From those that are equipped with turntable ladder, to those that are best used to fight fire at airports. Basically, all these fire engines must have three essential components, which are personnel carrier, tool box, and water tanker. According to Mental Floss, the reservoir in fire trucks can typically contain 400 to 500 gallons of water. Such amount of water is only enough to put out a "trash-bin fire". For much bigger fire, the fire fighters must set up a supply line from the nearest hydrant.

Now if you look for some fire truck coloring pages for your kids, you can find them below. As you can see, there are various models of fire trucks. Some of these fire truck coloring pages are easy enough to color for preschoolers but some may appear a little too challenging for such young kids. So, choose the one the will likely make your kids happier. There is also one that shows a dalmatian dog on top of a fire engine. I don't know why dalmatian is always related to fire fighters. Maybe you can tell me why. Anyhow, you can also see the shy fire truck from Disney's Car movie series. I hope you enjoy these fire truck coloring pages.

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Fire Truck Coloring Pages

Fire Truck Songs for Kids

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