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Fish Coloring Pages

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They may be small and seems like an easy prey, but fish are actually one of the oldest animal families in this world. Long before the first dinosaur walked on this earth, fish had already roamed the ocean and up to these days, their numbers are still staggering. By that, I mean fish in general. I know for a fact that some fish species like shark has recently undergone significant decrease in their population, which is really bad. But the point is there are still plenty of fish today. Fish and mammals do have something in common. It's that both of them are vertebrates (animals that have a backbone), but unlike mammals, fish don't have any lungs. They breathe using gills, a special organ developed to filter oxygen underwater. They have to constantly drink the water through their mouth so that the gills can absorb the oxygen they need.

Anyway, fish is very popular among kids. It's probably one of the first animal that you teach your kid to draw (because my mom did). No wonder there are so many kid shows or family movies that feature fish as the main character, like this Rainbow Fish. Now, if you want to teach your kid how to draw a fish or some simple facts about them, you might as well grab some of these fish coloring pages. They're mostly easy drawings of fish with not so many little details, which is perfect for kids of young ages. Many of them look like a cartoon character too with large eyes and cute smile. Speaking of fish character, you can't really forget Disney's Nemo, a young little clown fish with a birth defect on one of his fin. So, naturally, I also include him in the following fish coloring pages. Hopefully, I can make a post about Nemo, Martin, and Dory in the future. Anyhow, I hope you like these fish coloring pages.

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Fish Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Fish

  • Fish are cold-blooded like reptiles and amphibians. They can’t control their body temperature. Some of them live in salt water, such as halibut and cod. They live in oceans and seas. Freshwater fish, such as trout and catfish, live in lakes and rivers.
  • They range in size from the largest, Whale shark at 16 m (51 ft) long, to the smallest the 8 mm (1/4 in.) Stout Infantfish.
  • Many people mistakenly group whales and dolphins into the fish family.  They are actually mammals.  They are warm-blooded, feed their babies with milk from their bodies and breathe air into lungs.
  • Jellyfish and starfish are not fish at all!  They are marine invertebrates.

    People farm, or raise, fish in the ocean, as well as on land. Large man-made pools or tanks are called hatcheries. Fish are born and raised here to sell as food.

  • Fish have a good sense of taste, sight and touch. They can feel pain.
  • Fish are covered in scales which are often covered in a layer of slime to help their movement through water.
  • Cleaner fish help out other fish by removing parasites and dead skin from their scales.
  • Mermaids are mythological creatures with the tail of a fish and the upper half of a woman.

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