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Food Coloring Pages

Food Coloring Pages hamburger and french fries 7cvr7

Have you been in Asian countries, especially the southeastern ones? Man, their food is all but super dense with carb. Almost all menus are high with sugar and carbohydrate. I'm not saying it's not delicious. Some of them are quite tasty, in fact. It's just a precaution for those of you living with diabetes. Anyway, just now I browsed some fun facts about foods and what I came up with is... quite unexpected. For example, there was a time in the past when ketchup was sold as medicine, instead of seasoning. It was proved to be effective in treating diarrhea and other illness. Another interesting fact is chicken wings were considered to be the worst part of the animal, hence they were largely used as stock for soup or even dumped entirely. Chicken wings did not appear in any menu until 1964. I'm glad I live in these years. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the chance to taste the heavenly flavor Bloody Marry Wings.

There are literally tons of interesting food facts out there, and you'll waste hours just to discover them all. So, instead of that, who don't you take a look at these food coloring pages. I know none of them is good enough for adults, but in case you want to make some fun activity for your kids about foods, these printables will help you a lot. There are many kinds of foods and beverages in the following food coloring pages. From everyone's favorite junk food menu like hamburger, french fries, pizza, hotdog, and soda to more nutritious ones like roast chicken, fresh fruits and green vegetables, etc. There are also a few sweet dishes such as pancake, ice cream, cupcake, and candy. All of the food coloring pages can be printed for absolutely free of charge. You just have to remember to keep them for personal use only.

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Food Coloring Pages

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