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American Football Coloring Pages

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National Football League is the one sports competition with the most viewers in United States. It has become a tradition for most American families to gather up on Thanksgiving and watch NFL. I know this after I watch the movie called, "The Blind Side". The movie is about Michael Oher whose family is torn apart. He's then taken care by a rich family who guide him to be a great football player. If I'm not mistaken, his position is as the offensive tackle. If you haven't watched the movie, believe me you should. It's a very inspiring movie. Anyway, the first football match was held over a hundred years ago. To be specific, it was in 1869 when Princeton and Rutgers clashed. However, it wasn't until 1920 that the sport has its own league which is then called NFL as we know today. The first few football matches weren't televised at that time. Football enthusiasts had to wait until 1939 to be able to enjoy it on the screen from the comfort of their home.

Now, if your kid pick out football as his sport, then you might want to get these awesome football coloring pages. There are over 4o images relating to American football and team participating in NFl. All of these images can be printed without you paying a single cent, except for the cost of your paper and ink, of course. There are around 15 football coloring pages that show the helmet of the teams that take part in NFL. This helmet, of course, has the logo of the respective teams. In addition to that, you can also get a number of coloring pages of football player. Some of the images look realistic which may help motivate your kid to try harder in this sport. There are also some funny football coloring pages too, like the one with Spongebob and Patrick tackling each other to prove who's better in football. Check them out yourself!

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American Football Coloring Pages

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