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Frog Coloring Pages

Frog Coloring Pages Free to Print NU02M

Frogs, the little amphibious slimy animal with weird croaking sound, yet kids seem to love them. Well, I mean boys. They don't have the slightest feeling of disgust towards their always wet skin. Heck they're even keen on having fun with them. I still remembered how I used to scare the girls with frogs I found around my home when I was little. I loved to see their scared face and screams. Call me bad kid or anything but that's what a lot of boys my age did and still do today.

Anyway, If you've been looking for frog coloring pages for your little prince and princess, this is the right post for you. I've put together several blank images of frog that you can print and color later for your kids. They're all on an appropriate difficulty level for kids of age 4-7. Some of the frogs look cartoon-ish and cute while some others are realistic. For the latter, you can teach your kids how frogs actually look like in the wild. You know, some of them have really bright color and several others have darker tone. Along with these frog coloring pages, I've also included some frog fun facts that your kids might find fascinating. Check them out!

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Frog Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Frogs

  • Many species of frog care for their offspring. For example some poison dart frogs lay their eggs on the forest floor so they can guard them and urinate on them to keep them moist.
  • Every year that a frog goes into hibernation, a new layer of bone forms. Frog bones form a ring when the frog is hibernating, just like trees do. Scientists can use these rings to figure out the age of a frog.
  • Frogs come in all sorts of colours. The colourful skin of many tropical frogs acts as a warning to predators that these frogs are poisonous.
  • Frogs don’t need to drink water as they absorb it through their skin.
  • The female Surinam toad lays up to 100 eggs, which are then distributed over her back. Her skin swells around the eggs until they become embedded in a honeycomb-like structure. After 12 to 20 weeks, fully formed young toads emerge by pushing out through the membrane covering the toad’s back.
  • When a frog swallows its prey, it blinks, which pushes its eyeballs down on top of the mouth to help push the food down its throat.
  • One of the ways you can tell a male frog from a female is by looking at their ears. A frog’s ear is called tympanum and it is located just behind the eye. If the tympanum is larger than the frog’s eye, it is male; if it is smaller, it is female.
  • There is a frog in Indonesia that has no lungs – it breathes entirely through its skin. They name it "Lungless" frog.


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