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Fruit Coloring Pages

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Do you know why many parents give banana to their baby when he / she is ready for solid food? Why not other fruit, like mangoes or orange perhaps? Well, compared to other fruits, banana is the easiest one to digest. It won't cause any issue on the baby digestive system which has just started to develop. Besides, banana has a nearly complete set of nutrition; from vitamin C, carbohydrate, to other important minerals. Now that's just one little known fact about a particular fruit. There are still so many other facts about fruit that I'm sure you have no idea about. For example, despite it's in its name, strawberry is not really a berry. Its flowers have more than one ovary, which puts this fruit in the same group with other aggregate fruits such as pineapples and grapes. Also, if you think apples is the number 1 most favored fruit in the world, then you are wrong. It's mangoes.

Anyway, if you want to know more interesting facts about fruit, you can check them out at fruitsinfo.com. In this post, I'm going to share a number of fruit coloring pages that can be a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Some of these fruit coloring pages show one fruit at a time but others have a group of fruits in one image. You can find fruits that are pretty common in our lives such as bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, watermelons, pineapples, pears, and strawberries. Some of the fruits are drawn with eyes and smiling mouth, making them look more fun for young children. There is also one fruit coloring sheet that has a number guide, which is useful to help the kid color it. You can print all of these fruit coloring pages for free but you must use them for educational purpose only.

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Fruit Coloring Pages

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