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Ghost Coloring Pages

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Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Have you ever seen one? Personally, I think ghosts and spirits do exist among us. I have never seen one, though (and certainly don't wish to see any in the future). Talking about ghost, I remember watching this episode of Spongebob where he's preparing to partake in Halloween party. He attempts to disguise himself as a ghost by covering himself using a white blanket. Since he's square, he doesn't think he'll look scary to anyone. So, he asks Patrick to help him out. Patrick agrees and start cutting part of Spongebob's body to make him round. When they come to the party, no one still thinks that Spongebob is a scary ghost. He gets sad and eventually opens his blanket, showing off his exposed round brain and everyone runs for their lives.

That episode is one crazy story. Why would you want to cover yourself to make you look like a scary ghost, when you can scare everyone by peeling off your head and exposing your brain and still being alive? Anyway, as hilarious as ghosts can be in kids show, I imagine they may look pretty scary in real life. Now I'll stop talking about ghosts and spirits. I will now implore you to get these ghosts coloring pages for your kids. I don't know how anyone can color a printable of ghost, something that's always portrayed as being white. But who knows what 's in your kids' imagination. Check them out below!

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Ghost Coloring Pages

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