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Giraffe Coloring Pages

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Did you watch Sing, the movie? I did and I remember there is one giraffe (His name is Daniel, if I'm not mistaken) who actually passed through the audition. Buster Moon chose him over Johnny. He tried to tell him that he's qualified to the next step but since his neck is so long, and his head is so far above the ground, he couldn't hear what Buster Moon said. Buster Moon even had to use a loud speaker to tell the giraffe that he's on the game, yet he still couldn't hear it. Not wanting to be driven crazy, Buster finally let him go and chose Johnny instead. Man, that's pretty racist actually. He kicked him out just because he's a giraffe. But in other sense, it's funny too. Seeing the giraffe unable to hear a thing the little koala said because his head is erected way too high, thanks to the neck, is hilarious.

Anyway, I'm not going to talk about Sing the movie here. It's about giraffes. This animal has become one of the most wanted big games in Africa for hunters. The sad thing is they kill them just for the prize; so that they can take a photo with the already dead giraffes. While giraffes are not officially listed as endangered species, all facts clearly show that it won't be too long before they make it into the list. Many enthusiastic big game hunters travel to Africa just so that they can shot a giraffe. If you want to raise awareness to your kid about this gentle mammal, these giraffe coloring pages might help you. Many of the following giraffe coloring pages are appropriate for kids. They feature a cute and cartoon-like giraffe that all kids must be happy to color. For older kids, there are many realistic coloring pages of giraffes too. Adults can also have fun with some zentangle art giraffe coloring pages. Check them out below!

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Giraffe Coloring Pages

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