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Grinch Coloring Pages

Grinch Coloring Pages Online Grinch Smiling Widely

Do you find yourself familiar with the character on these Grinch coloring pages? Yes, he’s that main protagonist Grinch from the book and television show titled How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This resident of Whoville lives with his canine companion, Max, high over Whos on Mt. Crumpit. Grinch’s heart used to be only half of its size and he once hated Christmas so much. He’s got sour attitude, wicked temper, and miserable judgment (although by the end of the story he turned into such a warm, loving, and whole-hearted character). He is even known for his liking of chasing endangered animals and sadistically lashing them with his whip. Just like Cat in the Hat, Grinch is also created by Dr. Seuss. Max, the big-eyed dog is his only friend, who stays very loyal to Grinch even though he isn’t treated like one. The Grinch coloring pages contain the pictures of this quantum physicist who’s happened to be a skilled engineer and craftsman.

Most of the Grinch coloring pages show the character in his iconic outfit of Christmas themed costume. He has pear shaped body with large belly, long limbs and finger, and mischievous smile. His whole body is green colored and he has yellow teeth, as well as yellow eyeballs and red pupils. Although at first Grinch has soul-less pair of eyes, they become brighter and rounder as his character developed. After he has learned Christmas’ true meaning, his face is softened, his smile becomes wide and heart-shaped. Dr. Seuss can really make a lovable character. These Grinch coloring pages are very fitting for Christmas related event activities, as the holiday is the main theme of the movie. Even though he hates Christmas at first, Grinch is an icon of this particular holiday season. It is also a fun idea to get coloring sheets after watching the movie, as it helps you to rethink about the character and take lesson of what you could learn from the story.

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Grinch Coloring Pages

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