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Halo Coloring Pages

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I was quite a gamer in my teenage year but I had never been a fan of first-person shooter. So, if you asked me about the nitty gritty details about Halo series, I’m afraid you’d have to ask somewhere else. All I know is it’s a war between men and alien. I watched some episodes of Halo Legends, and although I had to admit that the character design is awesome, I still couldn’t bring myself to play Halo. Still, after a quick browsing, I know several facts that even a die-hard fan of this game knows nothing about. For example, did you know that Halo wasn’t originally meant to be a first-person shooter? Yes, it was supposed to be a real-time strategy game like Warcraft, but there was a change of plan in the last minutes. Due to this sudden change, the first Halo series was almost released without a multiplayer mode. That would have been a bummer.

I'm not sure there are many gamers who are interested in art, particularly coloring. But in case your boy or girl is a fan of Halo franchise and they have passion for visual arts, you might want to get these Halo coloring pages. There are no less than 30 of them, all featuring a detailed drawing of a full-fledged soldier in Halo universe. Their combat suit sure looks very intricate and they all wear a helmet with closed visor. Probably to protect themselves against the hostile air of the alien planet. Speaking of alien, you can also find it in a couple of Halo coloring pages below. Like the soldiers, they also wear an armor suit. There's also a page that shows a soldier shooting his gun while driving some sort of war-geared motorcycle. Either way, I hope you have a blast with these Halo coloring pages.

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Halo Coloring Pages

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