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Happy Birthday Coloring Pages

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What's the best birthday gift that you've ever got? Chocolate, diamond ring? I recently browsed through Pinterest for ideas and there is this someone who says kind of like, "best gift is the one you made by yourself". The reason is because it's personalized and it shows how you care so much for the person that you're willing to make the gift yourself. Also, I stumbled upon an article at Time.com stating that gift card is the only gift that makes sense. Well, if you agree with those two claims, then you might want to get some of these cool Happy Birthday coloring pages. They can be a lovely birthday card for people you care the most. While it's true that you don't draw the picture yourself, you still have to pour your effort and invest some of your time to color these birthday printables. Anyone with healthy mind will certainly appreciate that.

There are many variations of birthday coloring pages in this post, from the ones with silly images of goofy characters like Minions and Spongebob Squarepants, to the one that emphasizes compassion and love, like the one printable with Elsa and Anna from Disney Frozen. Many of these happy birthday coloring pages are perfect for kids. They feature fun looking character such as Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Dora, Super Mario, and Hello Kitty. If one of your kid's friends is having a birthday, you can give one of these birthday printables to your kid, so that he/she can color it and give it to his/her friends. You can teach him about love and he can have fun playing with colors and fun printables. It's a win-win situation. Check out the following Happy birthday coloring pages and see if any of them interest you. Cheers!

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Happy Birthday Coloring Pages

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