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Harry Potter Coloring Pages

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Do you consider yourself a big fan of Harry Potter? Do you both read the books and watch the movies? Good! Because that means you and I are the same. I’ve been following the story of Harry Potter since I was a kid. Not like many people, I discovered the movie first. I watched the first movie of Harry Potter (The Sorcerer’s Stone) and I was like, “this is awesome”.  So I started to look for the books and read the entire chapters. My favorite movie is the sixth one, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince but as far as the books are concerned, I had the most fun time reading the seventh. There are a lot of revelations in the seventh book, most of which I had never thought of. The best part is when J.K. Rowling tells the story when Harry looked at Snape’s memory. Turns out the creepy guy is a good guy right from the first time. He’s just being hostile to Harry (and to everybody else, I believe) because he doesn’t want him to know that he loves his mother.

Okay, that was a little too long for my usual opening. Now if you want to get some epic Harry Potter coloring pages, you can satisfy yourself by sorting through all of these great printables. The Harry Potter coloring pages in this post are meant only for personal use. You may only use them for recreational activity. These Harry Potter coloring pages feature many characters that I’m sure you’re familiar with. From the trio protagonists, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasly, to the half blood giant, Hagrid. By the way, as rough as he looks, you do know that Hagrid was once a professor in Hogwarts, right. So now you know professors can come in many different shapes. Oh, and there is one coloring page that shows Harry battling it all out against the most iconic villain, Voldemort. It’ so epic!. Check them out yourself. Hope you have a fun time with these Harry Potter coloring pages.

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Harry Potter Coloring Pages

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