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Hearts Coloring Pages

Hearts Coloring Pages for Toddlers   MHTS9

Human's heart is such a mystery. For once, it works without needing any command from our brain. It also works continuously without ever stopping, even for just split second, feeling neither fatigue nor exhaustion. The Arabs always think very highly of hearts. They say that there is one particular part of all living things that if it's good, then the entire part of that very living thing is all good; it's the heart. I think that can't be any truer. Our heart works as an engine that pumps blood carrying nutrition to all over our organs. You can imagine what would happen if this engine has issues.

Anyway, if you've been looking for some hearts coloring pages for your kids, I have gathered some for you in this post. I have no idea since when human's heart is represented by the heart shape as we know today nor why we do it. I guess it's just to make it easier to teach the children about this wonderful organ of ours. Some of these heart images are quite elaborate but I think it's still easy enough for kindergarten students to color it. Some can be used to convey loving messages in special occasion like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. Check it out!

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Hearts Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Heart

  • If you're an adult, then the size of your heart is about twice as large as your fist. For kids, however, the size of their heart is more or less the same as big as their fist.
  • You might have felt your own heart beating, this is known as the cardiac cycle. When your heart contracts it makes the chambers smaller and pushes blood into the blood vessels. After your heart relaxes again the chambers get bigger and are filled with blood coming back into the heart.
  • The amount of blood pumped by our blood in our lifetime equals the amount of water that flows out of our kitchen faucet for 45 years. I can't even tell how many gallons is that!
  • Your heart rate drops while you sleep. At night, it’s common for heart rates to drop below 60 bpm. Some people even have rates in the 40s while sleeping. The reason is because the parasympathetic nervous system is active when you're asleep. The said system is responsible for slowing down your metabolism, making you relaxed.
  • Heart diseases are the top human killers. Among the main cause is inactivity and depression. You want to help your heart stay healthy? Get active and have fun!

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