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Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages Printable   gsy4m

If you've come to this post, there's no doubt that you're a Hello Kitty's fan. What I do doubt, though, is that you know a lot about this cute little feline girl. Like her last name. Did you always think that Kitty is her last name and Hello is her first name? Well, sorry to say, but you're sourly mistaken. Her first name is Kitty and her last name is White. And though she's created by Sanrio, a Japan-based company, it is mentioned in her biography that she was born and grew up in London with her parents, George and Mary. She also has a twin sister named Mimmy. In my previous post, Kitty, you will learn that Hello Kitty is not a kitten, but a little girl instead. It's much the same business (anthropomorphic character) with Mickey Mouse is not a mouse but a boy.

There are still a few interesting facts about Hello Kitty, but I'll let you have the fun digging them out yourself. As of now, I'd rather share with you these beautiful Hello Kitty coloring pages. All of these 39 Hello Kitty printables are free for personal use only. So, it's okay to print them all and bundle them into a Hello Kitty coloring book for your little girl as long as you don't commercialize it. As for the images, they show Hello Kitty in various activities and costume. In one printable, you can see her playing soccer like a tomboy girl, but in another she's seen wearing a princess costume like all little girl like to do. You can also find her in imaginary outfits like in Hello Kitty being a mermaid, angle, fairy and the cupid in Valentine's Day. Some of these Hello Kitty coloring pages are also perfect for Christmas and Halloween as they also feature, Christmas tree, Jack O Lantern, and whatnot. Go ahead and see them for yourself!

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Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

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