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Iron Man Coloring Pages

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Here is the coolest member of Avengers! Yep, it's Iron Man. You may disagree with me but I have all the reason to make him a favorite superhero of mine. First, he's not a mighty god like Thor but he can create an arsenal whose power can rival the gigantic villainous god Thanos. It's brain power! Secondly, he's closest to death, making him even more badass. How come he's closes to death, you ask? Well, would you like to put a nuclear reactor on your chest and keeping it anywhere you go? I don't think so! On top of all, he's rich, has a good sense of humor, and is good with women.

Anyway, if you're looking for some Iron Man printables to color, I've got some below. Well, to say it precisely, they're not mine but as long as you and I keep them for personal use, I think the owner won't mind. We just want to have fun, right? Anyway, you're gonna love it when you find Iron Man in many different stances. In one printable, he's touting his iconic move with the repulsor in his right hand. In other printables, he's shown flying with planes and rockets. Another printable has him looking heavy with all the firearms in his shoulder and hands. He looks simply fantastic! Grab these Iron Man coloring pages now!

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Ironman Coloring Pages

Ironman Fun Facts

  • Superhero movies tend to be dominated by younger actors like Chris Evans, Andrew Garfield and Chris Hemsworth, but Downey turned 48 last month, which makes him one of the oldest actors to ever play a superhero. This doesn't appear to hamper his crime fighting abilities, however.
  • Tony Stark’s computer system is called JARVIS (standing for “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System”). This is a tribute to Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler. He was changed to an artificial intelligence to avoid comparisons to Batman/Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth.
  • It's hard to imagine anybody other than Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man, but Tom Cruise was considered for the role. He turned it down because he wasn't pleased with the script.
  • Recent comic book event AXIS dramatically shifted the status quo of the Marvel Universe, inverting the personalities of many characters so that heroes became villains and villains became heroes. Most returned to their usual selves, but Iron Man was left with his villainous personality. As a result, he's since been dubbed the "Superior Iron Man", and his actions have been pretty despicable ever since.
  • When fully powered, Tony Stark can lift up to 100 tons in the Iron Man suit. Pretty impressive considering that the Hulk's maximum lift (when calm) is 100 tons as well. Stark would later invent the Hulkbuster armor (seen below) that could lift 175 tons to be able to combat The Hulk in certain situations.

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